In Loving Memory

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DivJanuary 4th, 1994 – April 22nd, 2009

Diversify was the finest horse I have ever touched, and in every way of his being he meant everything to me. As I look back over the last fifteen years that I was graced to have known him, my heart smiles with pride at his accomplishments and the legacy he has left us with.

In the ring, Diversify was as honest a horse as ever lived; he was all business and always got the job done. As a sire, he consistently passed on his intelligence, beauty and amazing athletic ability. He taught me where to set my standards in the breeding of great horses. I know his offspring will continue to embody the legacy of their extraordinary sire.

Diversify taught me what greatness means in a horse. And I thank God for blessing me with him and giving me the opportunity to build BJ Ranch on the foundation that Diversify provided.