About BJ Ranch

Bear Smith has over 35 years of experience training horses. Coming from the bloodlines of a paint horse trainer mother and cattle rancher father, Smith found herself in the saddle at an early age. 

“I showed my first horse when I was three.  By nine, I had ridden a hundred-mile endurance ride,” recalls the tenacious Orlando native.  By the time she was thirteen her decision was made to be a paint horse trainer.

Her determination is the reason why her horses continuously lope into the winner’s circle.  That and standing her ground in terms of quality breeding, training, birthing and performing first halter breaking and first shots–things other trainers often forgo.  She does every aspect–that is what has made BJ Ranch & Cattle Co. so well-known and respected.  She breeds and raises paint horses, so when people purchase a horse from her, they truly know what they are getting.

A trainer and breeder who has devoted 30 years of expertise to the horse industry.  She specializes in versatility training to develop the full potential of the Paint Horse and the Youth/Amateur competitor.  Her program is designed to find the perfect match between rider and horse.  She also has a talent for selecting and training Longe Line Winners which began when the event first started in 1995.

BJ Ranch travels the US participating in Paint & Pinto Shows.  Bear Smith shows on the Professional Class and many Owners train and show at the Amateur classes.  BJ Ranch shows both English and Western events and has won multiple World Championships.